Publications & Links


Book "Glass Bead Jewelry Projects", GMC Publications Ltd, 2010 
Book "Lampwork Lovely" (Kindle Edition), Ashdown Inc., 2012 - project "Berry Christmas" pendant

Bead magazine, Issue 17, August/September 2009
Bead magazine, Issue 19, December/January 2010
Hotstuff (GBUK online magazine), Winter 2010
My work appeared in the book "Glasss" 2011
Beads & Beyond, January 2011
Bead magazine, Issue 28, February/March 2011
Making Jewellery, Issue 25, March 2011
Glass Network (CGS magazine), Issue 40, June 2011
Bead magazine, Issue 30, Summer 2011
Beads & Beyond, July 2011
The Flow, Volume 9, Number 5, Winter 2011
Bead magazine, Issue 35, December/January 2011/12
Beads & Beyond, April 2012
Bead magazine, Issue 38, June/July 2012 (Matrioshka) 
Bead magazine, Issue 45, April/May 2013 (Happy Days)
Beads & Beyond, July 2013 (Latticino Lampwork)
Soda Lime Times (e-mag), August 2013 (Heart of a Viking, Hollow bead with a core)
Bead Me Magazine, Issue 3 (Matrioshka)
Bead Me Magazine, Issue 4 (Berry Christmas)
Beads & Beyond, February 2014 (Heart of Gold)

I hope you'll like what you see on my website - my handmade glass beads are happy beads, and, I'm sure, they'll bring you joy and good spirits.


And this one is the most exciting website dedicated to the most exciting book written by my husband - whether you like SF or not, I guarantee that you'll love this one!: