Handmade Glass Beads and Designer Jewellery

All the handmade lampwork glass beads I make are kiln-annealed, thoroughly cleaned and temporarily strung for you to turn them into beautiful original jewellery. Before I decide to put my handmade glass beads on my website they go through a scrupulous inspection (by me!) for a "perfect look" and highest quality. They are handmade, and this means that each glass bead is unique, each has its own signature variation, even those made to the most straight-forward (is there anything like this in working with glass?) of designs. But, perhaps, this is the very thing that divides art from the everyday.

I call the quality of the handmade glass beads and the designer jewellery that I make Heirloom Quality. By this I mean that the love enshrined in the making, the giving and the receiving of glass beads and handcrafted jewellery should be able to be passed from one generation to the next. To achieve this Heirloom Quality, each and every piece I create incorporates the following:

  • A guarantee that all of my glass beads have been handmade by me, Nelli Rees, and they come with an authentication card that contains the handmade glass bead’s archive number. I keep a photo-archive of every glass bead I’ve made.
  • An assurance that all of my handmade glass beads have been annealed for greater strength and durability (though remember they are glass, so they must be respected).
  • All my handcrafted designer jewellery is made using Sterling Silver (not silver plated) findings, i.e. clasps, crimps, crimp covers, rings, bails, pins etc. If any other type of silver is used (e.g., Tibetan, or Balinese, etc) this is specified in the description.
  • All handcrafted designer necklaces and exclusive designer bracelets by N are strung on 49-strand Soft Flex beading wire for extra strength, ductility and movement - jewellery has to move to be appreciated. This is one of the best stringing materials available on the market at the moment. The 7-strand tigertail beading wire used on a lot of handmade jewellery is, in my opinion, too stiff to allow pieces to be shown at their best.
  • For the jewellery offered for sale on the website I use 13mm sterling silver Carabiner Trigger and Lobster Clasps, and 8mm sterling silver Jump Rings as my customers find these larger sterling silver findings easier to use. If you look at most handmade jewellery only 11mm (or even 9mm) clasps are used.
  • All my exclusive designer jewellery, purchased from my website, comes gift-boxed; presentation is everything.
  • I do my best to ensure that the designer jewellery that I make is as durable as possible. However, if, in the unlikely event, the piece of handmade designer jewellery that you acquired from me needs re-stringing, I provide this service free of charge - just post this piece to me and I'll do it (it will only cost you your end of postage).

Please, bear in mind, that all handmade lampwork glass beads are made of glass. Although these glass beads have been annealed they can break if they have been handled improperly, dropped or hit against something hard (for example, a tiled floor). Breakage will produce sharp glass pieces or sharp edges that could cause injury. In the event of breakage, please, discard immediately.

When wearing handmade lampwork glass beads, please, take care not to expose them to any situations that may cause them to break and be sure to protect these glass beads from impacts or extreme temperature changes.

These handmade lampwork glass beads and exclusive designer jewellery by N are not intended for use on or by children, as they could present a choking hazard or break with inappropriate handling.


All prices include postage worldwide.

The postage is by Royal Mail. Insurance is available on request at additional cost.

I try to post all orders within 24 hours of them being paid for. If I go away, this will be clearly marked on the home page in case it affects orders being posted.


All handmade lampwork glass beads by N are presented in presentation cartons: they are first temporarily strung onto an attractive ribbon, then wrapped in white tissue paper, secured with an N sticker, bubblewrapped and inserted into a presentation carton. The carton is packed in a Jiffy bag. Handcrafted exclusive designer jewellery by N purchased from the website is gift boxed and packed in Jiffy bags.

Colour Variation

I try to make the very best photographs of the handmade glass beads and handcrafted designer jewellery. The photographs are taken under strong studio lighting (but not with a flash) or outside in natural daylight or sunlight, but they are not digitally enhanced. A lot of photographs in the Gallery have been taken outside in the sunlight. However, sometimes different computers display colours differently. I do hope that this circumstance will not affect your liking of the handcrafted glass beads by N you see when they arrive at your home.


If, in the unlikely event, you are not happy with your purchase please return it to me unworn and unused within 7 days from its arrival and I will refund your money in full.